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Sharing a handmade passion…

Handcrafts Zimbabwe is a partnership that was founded in 2016 by two friends brought together by a shared vision to show the world the beautiful handiwork that is produced in Zimbabwe. Jealous or JJ as he is commonly known and Georgina met in 2013 through other business dealings and quickly found common ground over their love for African handmade products.

Georgina Mubako

My interest in craft was nurtured during my childhood growing up on a sugar estate in the South Eastern part of the country. Here, my now late mother was a well known social worker who believed in empowering communities and always encouraged women to be self sustaining. One of her pet projects was organising the women in the community to produce craft work that was eventually sold in what was known as the Che Che Craft Centre in Triangle which she had a hand in setting up.

I used to accompany my mother on some of her field visits and it is during those visits that my appreciation for quality and beauty in the craftwork was developed. I found that I also enjoyed being around  the different women’s groups as there was always laughter and a sense of togetherness as they went about their work. At home my mother was always busy either behind her sewing or knitting machine or learning a new skill like macrame and as a consequence so were my sisters and I. Although I went on to become a chemical engineer the seed for the love of handmade products had already been planted. I have kept in touch with my artistic side throughout my life until the idea of Handcrafts Zimbabwe was born over several coffee meetings with JJ.

What I enjoy the most about Handcrafts Zimbabwe are the incredibly talented people that we meet and work with. Buying our products means income to the artisans and helps ensure that the communities continue to thrive.

Georgina Mubako
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Jealous Jonas

Jealous Jonas

My love for art and craft started when I was in primary school at Mabvuku in Harare, when I joined the art club. I had a passion for  drawing mainly wildlife scenes and nature, and at any given time you could find me sketching or crafting something. While in high school I mastered an art in carpentry, which also happened to be my father’s profession and began crafting furniture pieces for sale as a teenager.

A couple of years after high school I took a job opportunity at an art and design company specialising in hand printed textiles and hand painted ceramics. My passion for art and craft grew even bigger as I became the sales and exports manager for this wonderful company, which went on to give me so much exposure and experience in this field for over a decade.

Even though after I left this company around 2010, my passion for art and craft did not die, and during some of other business interactions with Georgina we realised we had a common passion and decided to pursue it through Handcrafts Zimbabwe. I really enjoy the interactions that Handcrafts Zimbabwe has presented, especially in inspiring the varied artisans and communities to expose and market their talents the world over, and therefore realising value for their efforts.

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