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We’re Big
On Baskets!

Our baskets are made from natural materials and woven by weavers in rural communities from different regions in Zimbabwe.

Traditionally serving a functional purpose many are now viewed as pieces of art and décor items that perfectly complement any interior styling. All our baskets come in a range of sizes making it easier for you to choose a basket to suit your needs.

Storage Baskets Handcrafts 4

Storage Baskets

This collection offers unique solutions to storing all your loose items and decluttering your living space.

  • The lovely patterned chipali bowl which is handy as a bread bowl or for storing fruit and vegetables,
  • The much loved wonky basket which is ideal for linens and hand towels,
  • The simple and plain Ilala bin which can also be used as a planter to add some greenery to a room,
  • Last but certainly not the least is the porcupine basket so named because of its stunning quill design.

Laundry Baskets

Wash and weave solutions for your bathroom!

Transform your bathroom with an ecofriendly laundry basket woven by master craftsmen and designed for durability. We have Malawi cane laundry baskets that come in different sizes and have a darker colour finish. The Ilala laundry baskets on the other hand are a lovely cream colour and come in various styles and sizes.

Wall Baskets

Although primarily used decorative on walls, our handwoven shallow bowl baskets are multi-purpose.

Although also used to store bits and bobs like keys and sewing kits, they are most striking when used as wall motifs. We supply beautifully colored Masvingo sisal baskets in different colour schemes as well as Binga baskets in neutral and rich earthy tones. We also offer wall plates like the Ilala Tray and the porcupine wall piece which all come in small, medium and large.

Care for your Baskets

Follow these simple tips to keep your baskets in great shape for years.

Caring for baskets and other woven products:

  • Care should be taken not to expose baskets to full sunlight especially those that contain dyes as the sunlight will cause the colors to fade
  • Baskets should be kept away from damp places or where they can easily get wet. If a basket does happen to get wet it should be left to dry out immediately to prevent it from getting mouldy.
  • If you decide to use a basket as a planter we recommend that you line the basket with either plastic or metal sheeting to protect the basket.